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Enerbäck group


We maintain a journal club focused on the biology of skin. Main cell types include keratinocytes, fibroblasts, melanocytes and various other micro-anatomical tissue components (vasculature, glands and follicles).

The Journal club started in 2011 by the Kratz group, and is now a joint effort with the Enerbäck group. The Kratz group has special interests in toxicology, in vitro skin and cell- & tissue engineering. The Enerbäck group is interested in psoriasis biology and keratinocyte differentiation and malignancy. Other participants have similar interests in skin, and new members are welcome.


We discuss papers covering various skin-related topics so that we may learn about methods and cell biology that can further our own research. We also discuss formats and manuscript writing using the selected papers as examples.

*article selections

Kratz group

  • Kristina Briheim, fo. ing. 1
  • Susanna Lönnqvist, PhD 5
  • Jonathan Rakar, PhD 5
  • Markus Krammer, MSc

Enerbäck group

  • Charlotta Enerbäck, professor 1
  • Anna-Karin Ekman, Post-Doc 2
  • Cecilia Bivik, Post-Doc 2
  • Jenny Vegfors, PhD 1

Other members

  • Ingemar Rundquist, professor (& co-supervisor)
  • Viviana Lopes, Post-Doc (S. Cristobal) 1
  • Mårten Skog, PhD (M. Griffith) 2

Guests (standing invitations)

  • Karin Öllinger & Co.

Discussed papers
*next paper


  1. Fibronectin expression determines skin cell motile behavior.
    2011-11-3 [JR] PMID:21956124
  2. In vitro irritation models and immune reactions.
    2011-11-17 [SL] PMID:19188758
  3. Preparation and characterization of a novel skin substitute.
    2011-12-6 [KB].PMID:20936183
  4. A rapid fabricated living dermal equivalent for skin tissue engineering: an in vivo evaluation in an acute wound model.
    2011-12-20 [JR] PMID:21913837
  5. 2012

  6. The Effect of Nano-Scale Topography on Keratinocyte Phenotype and Wound Healing Following Burn Injury.
    2012-1-25 [SL] PMID:21988618
  7. PI3-kinase-dependent activation of apoptotic machinery occurs on commitment of epidermal keratinocytes to terminal differentiation.
    2012-2-13 [JV] PMID:18766172
  8. A skin microRNA promotes differentiation by repressing 'stemness'.
    2012-3-5 [JR] PMID:18311128
  9. Human keratinocytes' response to injury upregulates CCL20 and other genes linking innate and adaptive immunity.
    2012-3-29 [AE] PMID:21881590
  10. Differential Keratin Expression During Epiboly in a Wound Model of Bioengineered Skin and in Human Chronic Wounds.
    2012-4-16 [SL] PMID:21856973
  11. p63 regulates Satb1 to control tissue-specific chromatin remodeling during development of the epidermis.
    2012-5-7 [CE] PMID:21930775
  12. Seminar on in vitro skin constructs; with Karin Öllinger
    Three-dimensional human tissue models of wounded skin.
    2012-6-15 [JR] PMID:19908015
  13. Characterization of a unique technique for culturing primary adult human epithelial progenitor/"stem" cells.
    2012-8-27 [SL] PMID:22726819
  14. Keratinocyte apoptosis in epidermal remodeling and clearance of psoriasis induced by UV radiation.
    2012-10-4 [CB] PMID:21614017
  15. Wnt signaling induces epithelial differentiation during cutaneous wound healing.
    2012-10-24 [JR] PMID:16426441
  16. Differential expression of stem cell markers in human follicular bulge and interfollicular epidermal compartments.
    2012-12-12 [AE] PMID:20229054
  17. 2013

  18. CD98, a novel marker of transient amplifying human keratinocytes.
    2013-01-14 [MS] PMID:16097038
  19. Effects of cerium oxide nanoparticles on the growth of keratinocytes, fibroblasts and vascular endothelial cells in cutaneous wound healing.
    2013-02-11 [VL] PMID:23266256
  20. Remodelling of Three-Dimensional Organization of the Nucleus During Terminal Keratinocyte Differentiation in the Epidermis.
    2013-03-11 [SL] PMID:23407401
  21. Epidermal Nerve Fibers Modulate Keratinocyte Growth via Neuropeptide Signaling in an Innervated Skin Model.
    2013-04-08 [CB] PMID:23283070
  22. Development of an in vitro psoriatic skin model by tissue engineering.
    2013-05-03 [JR] PMID:18783923
  23. Hair organ regeneration via the bioengineered hair follicular unit transplantation.
    2013-06-03 [MS] PMID:22645640
  24. TBA - august?.
    2013-08-?? [CE] PMID:
K=Kratz, E=Enerbäck, S=Skog, L=Lopes

Primary Abs, unconjugated

  • Keratin 5 (RbxHu) [K]
  • Keratin 10 (MsxHu) [K]
  • Pancytokeratin (MsxHu) [K]
  • KI-67 (MsxHu) [K]
  • Filaggrin (MsxHu) [K]
  • ZO-1 (MsxHu) [K]
  • Laminin-5 (MsxHu) [K]

Primary, conjugated

TaqMan assays

  • KRT1 [K]
  • KRT2 [K]
  • KRT5 [K]
  • KRT10 [K]
  • KRT13 [K]
  • KRT14 [K]
  • KRT15 [K]
  • KRT19 [K]
  • IVL [K]
  • LOR [K]
  • TP63 [K]
  • ITGA6 [K]
  • IRF [K]
  • KLF5 [K]
  • CHUK [K]